How to Be Compliant and Engaging in a Privacy First World

How to Be Compliant and Engaging in a Privacy First World

Navah Hopkins joined me as a guest on the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast and persuaded me to discuss B2B compliance and engagement as a topic for our interview. I reached out to her to discuss a different topic, and I was not dissapointed she talked me into changing the topic.

Navah is the Director of Paid Media for Justuno, an AI-powered CRO solution, and a veteran of the digital marketing industry. Starting in SEO in 2008 and transitioning to PPC in 2012, she is at the forefront of paid media strategy and execution.

And paid media is being greatly impacted by all of the flurry of regulations and proposed legislation on consumer privacy and data protection.

As Navah said, when she was doing SEO it was constantly changing and the paid media and compliance was easy. And now, paid media and compliance is experience just as much changes as her SEO colleagues have to content with.

I suspect everything is getting more complex. While it may appear simple to conduct business online, for it to be sustainable and successful, it’s very complex and requires deep skills sets.

Watch or listen as Navah shares her wealth of wisdom. Listen to the end because she shares how to make the complex more simple.

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